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  The Ministries of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church

Get Connected
The Ministries of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church

The members of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church have a heart for service within the church, evangelism, and outreach to the local community. We have something for everybody at St. Mark, and we encourage all Believers to get connected by actively putting their talents to use in the ministry that they have been called to.

The Brotherhood Ministry
The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood is a group of consecrated men undergirding and supporting the entire program of the Church. The Biblical beginning of The Brotherhood Union is found in Exodus 18 and Acts 7:38. More...

The objective of The Brotherhood is to enlist every layman in The Church, Junior or Senior, and cause them to be useful in service to Christ. The Brotherhood consists of young men of the church between the ages of 8 to adult.

Our mission is to train, equip and disciple the men of the church, neighborhood and city to be spiritual leaders for their families, church, work and community. We embrace the mission Jesus has given His church in the Great Commandment (Mark 12:30-31) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20)

The Brotherhood has a four-fold purpose:

1. To deepen men spiritually or to deepen the spirituality of me.
2. To promote religious intelligence.
3. To cultivate Christian fellowship.
4. To win the lost to Christ.

President: Freddie Lathan
Meeting Date: 3rd & 4th Saturday of the Month
Meeting Time: 10:30 AM


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Women's Ministries
Women's Ministries

There are a myriad of ministries specifically geared toward women of all ages at St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church. From WMU to Junior Women, the goals of these ministries are to serve and pray for the needs of women. More...

President: Ann Bernard
Vice President: Loretha Battle
Meeting Date: Saturday before the 1st Sunday
Meeting Time: 1:00 PM

The mission of the Deaconess Ministry is to meet the needs of the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church members, under the spiritual guidance of its Pastor and the Deacons by promoting the spiritual growth in the church.

The purpose of the Deaconess Ministry is to care for and assist the needs of the overall congregation. Wherever there are sick and shut-in members as well as members in need of prayer, the Deaconess Ministry will be there to help. They will be in contact with all sick members and monitor the prayer list to ensure that members are not alone. They are responsible for the preparation and setting up of Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month. The Deaconess should instruct all female baptismal candidates as to what they are suppose to wear.

1 Timothy 8:11 - "Even so must their wives be grave, not slanders, sober, faithful in all things."

Senior Mission / WMU
President: Ann Woodmore
Contact: [email protected]
Meeting Date: Saturday before the 1st Sunday of the Month
Meeting Time: 2:00 PM

The Senior Mission/ WMU at St. Mark MBC are on a mission…to grow Kingdom Women! We recognize that women of the 21st Century serve many roles in our community and in their families, and our desire is to reach out to and help them grow in their personal walk with Christ wherever they find themselves. Our ministry team consists of many committed women who serve in leadership roles and many others who serve in support roles.

Junior Women
President: Terell Smith
Meeting Date: 2nd Sunday of the Month
Meeting Time: After Morning Service

We are to help the church teach and train the membership in missionary work and service. It is our aim to reach this high standard through EVANGELISM, OUTREACH and EDUCATION.

Women's Fellowship
Coordinator: Ann Woodmore
Contact: [email protected]
Meeting Date: 3rd Saturday of the Month
Meeting Time: 8:00 AM

The Women's Fellowship is a vibrant ministry that serves the women of the church, teaching them how to love God and family. The Women labor together in the beauty of holiness, in teaching seminars and visiting shut-ins on a regular basis. The Annual Women's Conference is a great event held each year consisting of Women Fellowshipping and many other events designed especially for women.

This ministry is uniquely designed to touch the hearts of all women. The goal of this ministry is to serve and pray for the needs of women, teach, encourage, equip and empower women to grow spiritually, and to become unified in sisterhood as they learn to bless each other.


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Ushering Ministries
Ushering Ministries

The purpose of the ministry is to serve the worshipping congregation. A church usher is an officer of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church. More...

Ushers are forerunners and some of their duties include meeting, greeting and seating worshippers entering into the sanctuary, providing worshippers with church related materials and attending to the needs of the church leadership, members and visitors. Members of the Ushering Ministry are committed and dedicated to the cause of Christ and represent the general character of the church and they perpetuate the spirit throughout the congregation.

Senior Ushers
President: Erica Wesley
Meeting Date: 2nd Wednesday of the Month
Meeting Time: 8:00 PM

Children, Youth, and Young Adult Ushers
President: Ja'Juan Johnson
Meeting Date: 2nd & 4th Saturday of the Month
Meeting Time: 1:00 PM


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Nurses Auxiliary
Health Ministry

The purpose of the Health Ministry is to nurture the human spirit through health education, spiritual support, and linking the needs of the whole person to resources within the congregation, community, and the health care system. More...

Anyone who has the gift of "Helps" (Corinthians 12), which speaks to the ministry of Church Nursing or Christian Healthcare, you must have a call to care, and a spiritual mandate to serve God by serving His people.

President: Johnnie King-Dixon
Meeting Date: 1st Sunday of the Month
Meeting Time: After Morning Service

Health Fair Ministry
Coordinator: Darlene Cobbs

A health fair is an educational and interactive event designed for outreach to provide basic preventive medicine and medical screening to people in the community or employees at work in conjunction with churchplace wellness. It's also a public health intervention.


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Music Ministries
Music Ministries

The music ministries of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church serve as a means of ushering in an atmosphere of worship through music and song. More...

Inspirational Choir
President: Vanilla Lathan
Rehearsal Date: Every Tuesday
Rehearsal Time: 7:00 PM

This ministry serves to provide an atmosphere of worship through music and song and prepare the way for God's word. Our purpose through song is to prepare the hearts of those before us for the Word of God that will draw them into a relationship with Jesus Christ through music.

Male Chorus
President: James Sheffield
Rehearsal Date: 3rd & 4th Friday of the Month
Rehearsal Time: 7:00 PM

The Male Chorus, Echoes of St. Mark, is placed strategically in church services and on church programs to minister in song which will usher the congregation into the very presence of God.

The Voices of St. Mark
President: Jazzmin Leftridge
Rehearsal Date: Saturdays before 1st & 2nd Sunday
Rehearsal Time: 11:00 AM

This ministry serves to provide an atmosphere of worship on the 2nd Sunday of each month and to prepare the way for God's word through music and song.



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Church & Congregational Support Ministries
Church & Congregational Support Ministries

The support ministries of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church serve a critical purpose in the overall operation of the Church Body. From supporting our Pastor, to home visitation, from keeping our church and congregation safe, to comforting the bereaved, there are many opportunities at St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church to serve the Church Body. More...

Pastor's Support Group
President: Jean Saffold-Lester
Contact: [email protected]

This group aids the pastor by providing anything the pastor may need, from a handkerchief, to finances for travel and other expenses. This group is responsible for ensuring that the encouragement and motivational vision of the pastor continues. The goal of this group is to assist the Pastor with each and every need.

Faithful members who serve to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the pastor by providing him with essential resources and covering him in prayer.

Church Transportation Ministry
Driver: Freddie Lathan

This ministry provides transportation services to members and non-members alike who have a desire to attend any services or classes at St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church.

Culinary Committee
Coordinator: Patricia McNeal

The purpose of the culinary committee is to provide an atmosphere that is consistent with our need for spiritual food by providing for the physical nourishment needs of our guests, combined with Christian fellowship. (Matthew 25:34-40)

Coordinator: Ora Collins

The Repast Committee responds by showing godly compassion to members of the congregation who have experienced the loss of a loved one. This committee is responsible for preparing the repast dinner for the family and friends of the deceased. The committee responds promptly with an anointing and spirit of excellence to the needs of the bereaved family.

Safety Ministry
Coordinators: Freddie Lathan and Theodore Johnson

The primary objective for the Church Safety Ministry is the prevention of accidents. The Safety Committee can help the church achieve a position of taking action and corrective action consistently before and after an accident, thereby reducing liability and major loss causes at the church. 

Home Visitation Ministry
Coordinators: Robert Smith, Deacons, WMU, Deaconess

Our home visitation ministry is comprised of ministers, deacons and members of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church who personally visit the home of a church member or family to discuss the spiritual vitality of their Christian life and the life of the church as a congregation, the body of Christ.

Publicity Ministry
Coordinator: Sis. Gloria McBride

The purpose of the Publicity Ministry is to disseminate all public information released pertaining to St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church. The purpose is also to represent the church, whether in person or in writing, in a manner that is pleasing to God, the Pastor, and the Body.  The purpose includes overseeing all information being released to the media concerning the church including press releases, correspondence, brochures, press conferences, and advertising.

Church Decorators Ministry
Coordinator: Sis. Rachel Neal

The purpose of St. Mark MBC Decorators is to beautify the church, and to ensure that the decorating themes are consistent with the different ministries/programs throughout the church.


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Friday Night Youth Rally
Audio, Video, and IT Technician

The Audio, Video and IT Technician has a passion for participating in planning, set-up, operation and maintenance of audio, video, and lighting equipment for all worship services, conferences, telecommunication, and special events such as live streaming and recording services. More...

This ministry also serves to diagnose computer problems, install software, and perform tests on computer equipment and software. Also set up computer equipment, schedule maintenance, and teach members to use software.

This position has a strong emphasis on video directing and producing, and provides an incredible opportunity to grow, refine and/or develop new skills. Our technician must be self-initiating, motivated and a problem-solving, action-oriented person. Organization skills are a must with the flexibility to lead and follow, respond quickly and efficiently to on-call situations, and be able to work a flexible schedule. This position is created to help people all over the world connect to work and ministry of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church.

Technician: Shareca Swan
Contact: [email protected]


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Spiritual Growth & Educational Ministries
Spiritual Growth & Educational Ministries

These ministries serve to encourage spiritual growth among our members, and to equip the body of Christ with the practical and theological knowledge of God's Word. More...

Sunday School
Director: James Sheffield

Sunday School, being the teaching arm of the church, is the only auxiliary of the church which has saved as well as unsaved comprising its membership. This is why the aim of our Sunday School is "To convert the unconverted and strengthen the converted." The textbook for our school is the Bible. We also use graded material that conforms to our Baptist beliefs. II Timothy 3:16-17 states that "All scripture is given by inspiration of GOD and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works."

Every member of the Church should be a member of the Sunday School. This would afford an opportunity to study The Word and be given individual attention in his or her Christian growth. Our Sunday School ministry is comprised of a group of faithful servants called by God as teachers and students, to equip the body of Christ with practical and theological knowledge of God's Word.

Evangelism Class
Coordinators: Ann Woodmore, Debra Steward, & Yvonne Lee
Contact: [email protected]
Class Date:
Every Thursday
Class Time: 7:00 PM

Evangelism is sharing the gospel, just as Jesus commanded in the Great Commission, first given to His apostles; He wants the good news proclaimed to every person in the world!

Tutorial Program
Coordinator: Shareca Swan
Contact: [email protected]
Study Date:
Every Monday
Study Time: 6:30 PM

A tutorial program designed to provide direct educational support to needy students, while encouraging and developing their self-esteem and enhancing their scholastic knowledge and assist school-aged children who are having trouble with a particular subject.


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T.M. Durr Scholarship Committee
T.M. Durr Scholarship Committee

The T. M. Durr Memorial Scholarship and Assistance Fund was created in honor of the late Pastor, T. M. Durr who so faithfully, loyally, and generously gave of his time, talent, and energy in the Christian field which he enjoyed so much. More...

In order to perpetuate his worthwhile life, and to encourage and assist youth in the church to which he devoted 18 years of his life, the first scholarship was awarded in 1985. The Scholarship and Assistance Fund is a St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church based non-profit ministry.

Scholarships are based on academic achievements and service in the Church and community. They are awarded to qualifying Christian youth upon graduation from high school with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 and higher to assist in furthering their education.

The Assistance Fund supports youth who are enrolled in college, maintaining a 2.0 cumulative grade point average and who demonstrate a need for financial assistance.

Director: Loretha Battle
Contact: [email protected]
Meeting Date: Every Monday
Meeting Time: 7:00 PM

Click to read more about the T.M. Durr Scholarship, or to apply.


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Wednesday Noon Day Prayer Ministry
Wednesday Noon Day Prayer Ministry

The purpose of the Noon Day Prayer Ministry is to seek God's face and to ask for divine guidance and intervention, wisdom, grace and mercy, power and strength in matters according to His will Plan and purpose for St. Mark MBC, the community, individually and collectively as a unit. More...

Each week a lesson on prayer from the Word is shared and Christian men and women of all ages join together interceding and petitioning God for His will. All are welcomed to grow in their prayer life and relationship with the Lord Jesus.

Prayer Leaders: Rev. Dr. Carl Washington, James Sheffield, Yvonne Lee, Jean Preston
Meeting Date: Every Wednesday
Meeting Time: 12:00 PM


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Community Outreach Ministries
Community Outreach Ministries

These ministries were developed to help meet the basic needs of people in our community. More...

Food Ministry
Director: Dea. Roy Brown

Our mission is to feed people "Body, Mind and Soul." And make a difference in the lives of our neighbors, families and friends. (Matthew 25: 35, 40)


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